Your Clipboard in the Clouds!

Now you can copy and paste anything across multiple computers and mobile phones using the newly launched service in the clouds of ArchiveClipboard! With it you do not need to worry again about losing your files and data or the difficulty of transferring files and data from one computer to another, forget the email. Be a Mac or Windows, your files will be available by the time you guys want anywhere! Do not waste time, download it now!

Fancy Visual

Everything we do is focused in usability and visual. You will never see an ugly and complicated app to use, we are our own users too and that makes things different! ;-)


We believe that when you have a solution to a common problem for people, it should be available anywhere. That is why we support Windows, Mac and Linux systems from the very beginning. Soon we will have versions for iPhone and Android too.

Useful Features

We have tons of features that simply makes life easier such as our Drag & Drop conversions on the fly as Text->File or Image->File and our clipboard preview and edition features.


We want you to forget the complexity of sharing information. We think information as contents that are synchronized through any device, making the whole process very simple and intuitive.

Light and Fast

We want to do it better faster harder stronger! We test our features with intense and heavy tasks just to make sure you will have a billion copied contents and barely using your computer resources.

Social Share

In this times, social communication is everything, you will receive gifts for sharing ArchiveClipboard with friends and in the web in general with Facebook and Twitter for example!